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Table 2 Schedule of enrolment, interventions, and assessments

From: Efficacy and mechanisms underlying a gamified attention bias modification training in anxious youth: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  1. Abbreviations: ADIS Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule, ARI Affective Reactivity Index, CGAS Children’s Global Assessment Scale, CGI-I/S Clinical Global Impressions-Improvement/Severity, K-SADS Kiddie-Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia-Present and Lifetime Version, MFQ Mood and Feelings Questionnaire, PARS Pediatric Anxiety Rating Scale, SCARED Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders, SCAS Spence Child Anxiety Scale, SEQ Self-Efficacy Questionnaire, STAI-Trait State-Trait Anxiety Inventory Trait version, * indicates the main outcome measures