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Table 3 Interview guide

From: Analysis of the emotional experiences of Japanese Alcoholics Anonymous members striving for sobriety

I would like you to talk to me about
- Your age, family structure, your job, and history of abstinence
- How did you feel when you felt the urge to drink alcohol?
- [How has your sobriety been recently and how will you continue on in life from now?
・How did you start drinking, why did you need alcohol, how did your mood change after drinking
・What was the reaction from your family members and other people around you, and how they have changed since you began attending AA meetings?
・Why and how did you start abstaining from alcohol?
・When did you become involved with AA?
- Why are you not drinking alcohol now?
- Do you ever feel the urge to drink?
- How do you cope if you want to drink alcohol?
- What situations do you try to avoid?
- What do you want to be in the future?