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Table 1 Overview of the assessments

From: Clinical and cost-effectiveness of guided internet-based interventions in the indicated prevention of depression in green professions (PROD-A): study protocol of a 36-month follow-up pragmatic randomized controlled trial

Instruments Aim Time of measurement
Screening T0 T1 T2 T3 T4 T5
Screening Instruments
 PHQ-9 Patient Health Questionnaire       
 CPG Chronic Pain Grade Questionnaire       
 Chronicity of Pain Pain longer for 6 months (yes/no)       
Primary Outcome
 QIDS-SR16 Quick Inventory for Depressive Symptomatology  a
Secondary Outcomes
 Adapted items from CIDI 3.0, CIDI-SC, and Epi-Q Screening Survey Prevalence of major depression and bipolar disorder  
 PSS-10 Perceived Stress Scale  
 ISI Insomnia Severity Index  
 GAD-7 Generalized Anxiety Disorder  
 PAS Panic and Agoraphobia Scale  
 MPI Multidimensional Pain Inventory  
 NRS Pain Intensity (0–10)  
 AUDIT-10 Alcohol use disorder identification test  
 MBI-GS Maslach-Burnout-Inventory (subscale emotional exhaustion)     
 AQoL-8D Quality of life  
 SPE Subjective prognosis of employment  
Cost measurement
 TiC-P Utilisation of health services, work-related productivity  
Intervention-related Outcomes
 WAI-SRb, WAI-SRTc Therapeutic relationship      
 TAI-OTb Technological alliance      
 CSQ-I Patient satisfaction       
 INEPb Inventory of negative effects in psychotherapy     
 Negative effectsb Negative effects in psychotherapy     
Other assessments
 Other questions Socio-demographics       
Predictors for development of major depression       
 Diabetes Diabetes diagnosis (yes/no)       
 BDI-II Suicidality-Item
  1. aPrimary outcome is the standardized mean difference between intervention and control group at T1. QIDS-SR16 will also be assessed at T0 and T2-T5
  2. bRecorded in intervention group only
  3. cRecorded in e-coaches only
  4. T0 Baseline, T1 9 weeks, T2 6 months, T3 12 months, T4 24 months, T5 36 months