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Fig. 1

From: A test of the goodness of fit of the generic metacognitive model of psychopathology symptoms

Fig. 1

Testing the generic metacognitive model. Structural equation model of the relationship between generic metacognitive beliefs, metacognitive beliefs about attentional control and emotional distress (N = 645). Ellipses represent latent variables, and rectangles represent observed variables (indicators). PHQ-9 = Patient Health Questionnaire, GAD-7 = Generalised Anxiety Disorder Scale, FNE = Fear of Negative Evaluation, MCQpos = positive metacognitive beliefs, MCQneg = negative metacognitive beliefs, MCQcc = cognitive confidence, MCQnc = need for control, MCQcsc = cognitive self-consciousness, ACS-F = attentional control focusing, ACS-S = attentional control shifting. The figure shows standardized coefficients (all significant at the .01 level)

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