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Table 4 Summary of coding by interviewee group and source

From: STructured lifestyle education for people WIth SchizophrEnia (STEPWISE): mixed methods process evaluation of a group-based lifestyle education programme to support weight loss in people with schizophrenia

Interviewee groupTheory/ Constructs
TDF domainsNIHBCC frameworkNPTLogic ModelBCTAcceptability
Service usersSystematicOpportunistic OpportunisticSystematicSystematic
Facilitators OpportunisticSystematicOpportunistic Opportunistic
Interventionists Systematic SystematicSystematic 
  1. S Systematic, O Opportunistic, BCT Behaviour Change Taxonomy, TDF Theoretical Domains Framework [45], NPT Normalisation Process Theory [30,31,32,33], NIHBCC National Institute for Health Behaviour Change Consortium