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Table 5 T-test for differences in school type

From: Problem gambling in adolescents: what are the psychological, social and financial consequences?

VariableSchool typeNMeanSDt
Psychological consequences of gamblingGymnasium1444.822.50−1.82
Vocational school2225.362.92 
Social consequences of gamblingGymnasium1444.351.45−.01
Vocational school2224.361.12 
Financial consequences of gamblingGymnasium1444.09.45−1.55
Vocational school2224.241.03 
Family relations qualityGymnasium1445.145.92−5.22***
Vocational school2228.556.22 
Problem gamblingGymnasium1448.962.84−1.37
Vocational school2229.393.07 
Risk behaviourGymnasium14410.254.37−2.22*
Vocational school22211.233.92 
  1. Note: *p < .05; **p < .01; ***p < .001