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Table 4 Focus Groups Results

From: Mixed method evaluation of Relational Team Development (RELATED) to improve team-based care for complex patients with mental illness in primary care

Acceptability and Feasibility
Domain Representative Quotes
Acceptability positive I thought it went really well overall. I thought it was a great project. I really appreciated having you all come in. I thought it was a nice way to get the whole staff involved doing our project and learn a little bit about QI and really work as a team in an efficient manner...-PCP
  I think it’s been great things going here, the experience … I think it’s a good thing. I would think it’s a good thing for us to have this. It helped the clinic. -Staff
Feasibility positive I liked how [practice facilitator] worked through the project because I think it was a little difficult in the beginning and helping us decide what we wanted to work, but I think [practice facilitator] did a really good job at narrowing it down and getting it to something that was attainable. –Staff Leadership
  [practice facilitator] was able to accomplish a lot in a sufficient amount of time where we weren’t like going into the next session or anything so…I thought [practice facilitator] managed it really well. -Staff
Feasibility negative In terms of how many hours have we spent doing that [PCAT]. Even though in the world of QI it’s pretty efficient, for me it’s not. It’s probably ten hours in the past couple months… That’s a lot of time.”–PCP
Impact on Team
Team functioning It’s a different level of respect because now we have more of an understanding of what each of our role is, and how important it is once the patient reaches that certain person because we didn’t have an understanding of what their job entails, and how much work they’re putting in to it. –Staff
Hierarchy It was nice to see other people speak up and take more of a leadership role in this. Our patient navigator and some other people who are really involved and passionate and to see the skills that those individuals had. It allowed them to go above their role and take on more. It was a good environment to hopefully put people on an equal playing field. –PCP
Patient perspective It’s changed my perspective… It makes me a little bit more patient-centered when I deal with things… aware of what’s really going on in the clinic or why people are responding the way they are. –Staff
Inclusivity I think it was good that it came from a variety of people so that no one made the decision all by themselves... It was interesting having all those groups together and being able to come together, make a decision and then be able to do it… I think it helped everyone so I think everyone got a little something from the changes –Leadership