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Table 2 Screening and data collection across the trial

From: Persistent physical symptoms reduction intervention: a system change and evaluation in secondary care (PRINCE secondary) – a CBT-based transdiagnostic approach: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

  Completed by Baseline End of Therapy 9 weeks 20 weeks 40 weeks 52 weeks
 Primary Outcomes
  WSAS P X   X X X X
 Secondary Outcomes
  PHQ-15 P X   X X X X
  PHQ-9 P X   X X X X
  GAD-7 P X   X X X X
  PPS Questionnaire P X   X X X X
  CGI-patient P X   X X X X
  CSRI P X   X X X X
  EQ-5D-5 L P X   X X X X
 Process Variables
  Therapy Process Indicators
   Treatment Attendance and Homework Logb T       
   Treatment Adherenceb T       
   Treatment Fidelity IC   X     
   Competence Rating IC   X     
  Satisfaction with Treatmenta P     X X X
  CGI-therapist T   X     
  Mechanisms of Change
   CBRQ P X   X X X X
   Acceptance Scale P X   X X X X
  Demographic Variables P X      
  Clinical Information P X      
  Preferred Treatment Group P X      
  Therapist Background Measures T X      
  Concomitant Medications P X   X X X X
  Serious/Adverse Events P     X X X
  1. WSAS work and social adjustment scale, PPS Questionnaire persistent physical symptoms questionnaire, PHQ-9 patient health questionnaire – 9 item scale, GAD-7 generalised anxiety disorder – 7 item scale, PHQ-15 patient health questionnaire – 15 item scale, CGI clinical global impression scale, CBRQ cognitive behavioural responses questionnaire, CSRI client service receipt inventory, EQ-5D-5 L EuroQol 5 Dimension 5 Level, PSYCHLOPS psychological outcome profiles, P patient, IC independent clinician, T therapist. a Assessment only completed by participants assigned to the intervention group. b completed after each therapy session