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Table 3 Sociodemographic and general cognitive performance (z scores) of patients with schizophrenia and controls

From: Retrieval practice improves memory in patients with schizophrenia: new perspectives for cognitive remediation

(n = 20)
Patients with schizophrenia
(n = 19)
ThetaCI 95%Pr(Theta > 0)
Socio-demographic variables
 Gender (number of men, %)1365.01368.4.136.641−1.1181.402.584
 Years of schooling12.61.711.92.1.341.331−.311.998.852
Cognitive variables
 WMS III first recall.748.715−.3341.021.678.184.3141.039>.999
  differed recall.932.849−.1121.028.681.205.2771.084>.999
  total recall.982.577−.298.987.836.178.4841.186>.999
 WAIS IV symbols−.282.925−1.165.909.508.175.165.853.998
  letter-number sequence.6331.097−.3891.205.597.226.1511.042.995
  total number memory.549.898−.446.982.664.205.2591.068.999
 Working memory direct span−.5571.031−.9881.010.265.206−.144.671.902
  indirect span−.164.857−.761.880.435.203.033.831.983
 Fluency phonological.266.922.3011.079−.016.180−.373.339.463
 Mill Hill−.6181.097−.9471.495.150.227−.297.596.995
 TMT A (motor speed).032.883−.9441.274.588.223.1471.024.995
  (letter-number sequence).532.622−.4841.455.628.231.1691.081.996
  (flexibility index).462.448.091.587.365.176.016.709.980
 Ruff 2 & 7 total speed.8851.285−.2061.051.678.246.1911.162.996
  total accuracy.725.365.383.824.278.181−.081.634.938
Clinical variables
 PANSS total  52.316.7     
  positive  12.06.5     
  negative  15.35.3     
 CDSS  1.42.8     
 Chlorpromazine equivalents (mg)  290      
  1. Note: Results are presented as Theta with a 95% Credible Interval (CI), with the probability of the Theta being above 0: Pr(Theta> 0). A large Pr(Theta> 0) value (e.g., > 0.95, > 0.975, or 0.99) must be interpreted as indicating lower values for patients compared to controls (for predictor group). A small value of Pr(Theta> 0), for instance, < 0.05, 0.025, or 0.01, reflects higher values for patients compared to controls. It is worth noting that the probability Pr(Theta> 0) can be interpreted as 1 Pr(Theta< 0). Thus, probability values near 1 and 0 both indicate a significant effect
  2. PANSS Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale, CDSS Calgary Depression Scale for Schizophrenia, WCS Wechsler Cognitive Scale, WAIS Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, TMT Trail Making Test, fNART French National Adult Reading Scale