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Table 5 Association between clinical variables and level of self-stigma

From: Prevalence of self-stigma and its association with self-esteem among psychiatric patients in a Nepalese teaching hospital: a cross-sectional study

 N = 180
Clinical VariablesMinimal to Mild Self-stigma
n (%)
Moderate to Severe Self-stigma
χ2 valueP-value
Presence of Comorbid Conditions
Family History of Mental Illness
Hospital admission due to mental illness
Diagnostic category
 Schizophrenia, schizotypal & delusional disorders18(64.29)10(35.71)8.570.01
 Mood disorders50(63.29)29(36.71)  
 Neurotic, stress-related & somatoform disorders, Disorders of adult personality & behavior61(83.56)12(16.44)