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Table 5 Rates of antipsychotics and antidepressants in BPD (2008–2012)

From: Pharmacotherapy of borderline personality disorder: what has changed over two decades? A retrospective evaluation of clinical practice

 admission N = 30discharge N = 40Fisher’s exact (p value)
low-potency antipsychotics53,342,50.4693
high-potency antipsychotics05 
second-generation antipsychotics60601.0000
 admission N = 44discharge N = 59Fisher’s exact (p value)
tri−/tetracyclic antidepressants13.613.61.0000
MAO inhibitors2.30 
atypical antidepressants31.842.40.3096
  1. Rates in %; N number of patients receiving antipsychotics (upper section) or antidepressants (lower section); reference = N; Bonferroni correction for antipsychotics (p < 0.016), for antidepressants (p < 0.0125)