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Table 3 Types of intervention offered, across 16 unique episodes

From: Psychological interventions for managing postpartum psychosis: a qualitative analysis of women’s and family members’ experiences and preferences

Reported interventionTotala
Immediate interventionMBU13 (81%)
General Psychiatric Unit9 (56%)
Home Treatment team5 (31%)
General Hospital1 (6%)
ECT2 (12%)
Total hospital admission15 (94%)
Mental health provisionCommunity perinatal mental health team4 (25%)
Community mental health team (CMHT)3 (19%)
Total under secondary care7 (44%)
Psychological inputCBT – accessed
CBT – referral, but not accessed due to reported delays
2 (12%)
2 (12%)
CBT for anxiety group2 (12%)
Access to Psychologist within community perinatal team4 (25%)
EMDR1 (6%)
Psychotherapy (two accessed privately)2 (12%)
Counselling (two accessed privately)3 (19%)
Total offered/accessed formal psychological input11 (69%)
Other input accessedAlternative therapy (Acupuncture, hypnotherapy)2 (12%)
Art therapy2 (12%)
Online self-help for managing Bipolar disorder1 (6%)
  1. aSome participants accessed more than one intervention hence numbers do not add to 100%