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Table 2 Association between history of mood disorders before baseline and BMI at follow-up

From: Association between depression, anxiety and weight change in young adults

Variablesβ (95% CI) after inclusion of potential mediators or confoundersaTotal mediated effect
 Baseline measurements
  Base model0.77 (0.14–1.40)
   C-reactive protein0.67 (−0.02–1.37)0.10
   Moderate or vigorous physical activity0.85 (0.14–1.56)−0.08
   Steps per day0.72 (0.03–1.42)0.05
   Dietary adherence0.70 (0.01–1.39)0.07
   Dietary guideline index0.71 (0.02–1.4)0.06
   Extra food consumption0.88 (0.11–1.64)−0.11
   Takeaway food consumption0.70 (0.01–1.39)0.07
   Antidepressant use0.77 (0.05–1.49)0
   Smoking status0.70 (0.02–1.38)0.07
 Additional follow-up variables
  Moderate or vigorous physical activity0.70 (0.00–1.40)0.07
  Steps per day0.68 (−0.01–1.40)0.09
  Dietary guideline index0.71 (0.01–1.40)0.06
  Dietary adherence0.71 (0.02–1.40)0.06
 Change between baseline and follow-up
  Change in steps per day0.68 (−0.02–1.38)0.09
  Change in smoking status0.72 (0.04–1.39)0.05
  Change in dietary Guideline Index0.70 (0.01–1.39)0.07
 Full model0.70 (0.01–1.39)0.07
 Baseline measurements
  Base model0.53 (0.00,1.06)
   C-reactive protein0.41 (−0.14,0.96)0.12
   Moderate or vigorous physical activity0.41 (−0.15,0.96)0.12
   Steps per day0.41 (−0.14,0.97)0.12
   Dietary adherence0.40 (−0.15,0.95)0.13
   Dietary Guideline Index0.40 (−0.15,0.95)0.13
   Extra food consumption0.59 (0.02,1.16)−0.06
   Takeaway food consumption0.41 (−0.14,0.96)0.12
   Antidepressant use0.46 (−0.16,1.07)0.07
   Smoking status0.39 (−0.17,0.95)0.14
 Additional follow-up variables
  Moderate or vigorous physical activity0.40 (−0.15,0.95)0.13
  Steps per day0.34 (−0.21,0.90)0.19
  Dietary Guideline Index0.40 (−0.15,0.95)0.13
  Dietary adherence0.40 (−0.15,0.96)0.13
 Change between baseline and follow-up  
  Change in steps per day0.39 (−0.16,0.94)0.14
  Change in smoking status0.44 (−0.11,0.99)0.09
  Change in dietary Guideline Index0.39 (−0.16,0.95)0.14
 Full model0.39 (−0.16,0.95)0.14
  1. Base model includes: Baseline BMI (kg/m2), age, education, duration of follow-up, history of cardiometabolic disease, Social Support index, physical activity, self-reported physical health status and extraversion
  2. aCovariates, associated with mood disorder based on a univariate models (at p < 0.1) were added one at a time to the base model to test for mediating