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Table 4 Age and Sex Adjusted Logistic Regression Analyses Predicting Traumatic Life Events as a Function of Case Type

From: Sex differences in youth with mental health problems in inpatient, outpatient and youth justice settings

 Coefficients  95% OR CI 
 B (SE)pORLower boundUpper boundNagelkerke R2
Victim of sexual violence     .123
 Female (vs. male)1.62 (.25)<.0015.063.138.19 
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ).26 (.42).5451.29.572.94 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−.47 (.34).169.63.321.22 
Victim of physical abuse     .063
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ)−.48 (.33).141.62.331.17 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−1.14 (.25)<. 
Parental death     .053
 Female (vs. male).64 (.22).0041.891.232.90 
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ)−.56 (.38). 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−1.23 (.29)<. 
Custodian change     .095
 Case type
 Inpatient (vs. YJ)−.29 (.33).367.75.401.41 
 Outpatient (vs. YJ)−1.49 (.26)<. 
Death in family     .047
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ)−1.42 (.35)<. 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−.87 (.24)<. 
Victim of emotional abuse     .038
 Female (vs. male).49 (.16).0021.631.192.22 
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ)−.41 (.32).200.66.351.24 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−.89 (.24)<. 
Parental addiction     .054
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ)−.65 (.34). 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−1.24 (.25)<. 
Victim of bullying     .005
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ).02 (.32).9431.02.551.91 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−.16 (.24).512.86.541.37 
Parental abandonment     .105
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ)−.85 (.34). 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−1.75 (.26)<. 
Witness of domestic violence     .046
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ)−.32 (.32).318.72.391.36 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−1.08 (.25)<. 
Violent neighborhood     .283
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ)−2.23 (.40)<. 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−3.04 (.30)<. 
Victim of crime     .204
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ)−1.58 (.46). 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−2.19 (.31)<. 
Serious accident or physical impairment     .036
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ)−.35 (.43).409.70.311.62 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−.82 (.31). 
Failed or dropped out of education program     .145
 Case type
  Inpatient (vs. YJ)−1.43 (.34)<. 
  Outpatient (vs. YJ)−1.87 (.26)<. 
  1. Traumatic life events coded so that 0 = never experienced and 1 = experienced in last 3 days- more than 1 year ago
  2. Covariates that were not statistically significant (p > .05) were omitted from the table results