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Table 5 Treatment patterns of those receiving first line monotherapy SSRI treatment

From: Treatment patterns and sequences of pharmacotherapy for patients diagnosed with depression in the United States: 2014 through 2019

Received first line SSRI (monotherapy)34,453 8292 1341 19,588 
Patients on first line SSRI monotherapy who went on to receive second treatment class19,23155.8%481258.0%70352.4%10,09051.5%
 Second line is combination therapy781440.6%178437.1%26537.7%403440.0%
 Second line is combination therapy which includes an SSRI608531.6%130927.2%22431.9%320031.7%
 Second line is combination therapy of SSRI + antipsychotic8284.3%3256.8%314.4%3853.8%
  1. Abbreviations: CCAE IBM MarketScan® Commercial Database, MDCD IBM MarketScan® Multi-State Medicaid Database, MDCR IBM MarketScan® Medicare Supplemental Database, SSRI Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor