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Table 2 Resting-state functional connectivity of each hippocampal subfield

From: Abnormal resting-state functional connectivity of hippocampal subfields in patients with major depressive disorder

SeedBrain regionBAvoxelt
 Lingual Gyrus2925619.63
 Lingual Gyrus2932830.53
 Middle Occipital Gyrus1917230.53
 Left Cerebellum 220−7.92
 Middle Occipital Gyrus1921121.20
 Lingual Gyrus2920421.20
  1. mPFC medial prefrontal cortex, ACC anterior cingulate cortex, dlPFC dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, PPC posterior parietal cortex, MFG medial frontal gyrus, OFC orbitofrontal cortex, MFC medial frontal cortex, PMC premotor cortex