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Table 3 Resting-state functional connectivity of each hippocampal subfield between MDD and HCs

From: Abnormal resting-state functional connectivity of hippocampal subfields in patients with major depressive disorder

SeedBrain regionBACluster sizetPeak MNI coordinates
X, Y, Z
CAL-PMC9233,8745, 6,-9
 R-Insula3820−3.63−45, 12, 36
DGL-OFC11185.02−39, −39, 18
 L-vlPFC 153.80−36, 33, 3
SubiculumL-PMC9354.64−48, 12, 36
 R-MFG6174.0739, 9, 54
 L-vlPFC 144.08−39, 33, 6
 R-Insula3827−3.8445, 3, −9
  1. MDD major depressive disorder, HCs healthy controls, L-PMC the left premotor cortex, R-insula the right insula, L-OFC the left orbitofrontal cortex, L-vlPFC the left ventrolateral prefrontal cortex, R-MFG the right middle frontal gyrus