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Table 1 Comparison of the demographic characteristics, clinical symptoms and violence situation between the V.SC and NV.SC groups

From: Dysregulation of amino acids and lipids metabolism in schizophrenia with violence

N = 24
N = 53
Age (Mean, SD)−1.450.15
Male (N, %)1354.23871.72.270.13
Marriage status (N, %)
BMI (Mean, SD)23.04.822.
Educational years (Mean, SD)
Occupation(N, %)
 Other jobs520.859.41.980.37
Smoking (N, %)1041.72954.71.130.29
First-episode SC. (N, %)312.523.82.080.15
Duration of SC. (Mean, SD, year)−0.340.74
Duration of inpatient (Mean, SD, year)−2.410.02
Duration of antipsychotic treatment (Mean, SD, year)−0.460.64
Risperidone (N, %)1145.82343.40.040.84
Clozapine (N, %)1041.73056.61.480.22
Violent behaviours during SZ. (N, %)
 Batteries resulting in physical injury005196.268.400.00
 Batteries involving the use of a weapon003260.424.800.00
Sexual assaults0000//
Threats made with a weapon in hand00917.04.620.03
PANSS (Mean, SD)
 Positive symptom11.
 Negative symptom16.08.615.
 General psychotic symptom27.
 PANSS total score54.819.750.812.61.040.30
  1. Abbreviation: SC schizophrenia, V.SC schizophrenia patients with violence, NV.SC schizophrenia patients without violence