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Table 1 Planned data collection

From: Return-to-work-experts for inpatient treatment of patients with mental illnesses– a proof-of-concept-study (RETURN): the study protocol

 T0 (shortly after admission to hospital)T1 (shortly before release from hospital)T2 (3 months after release)T3 (6months after release)T4 (12 months after release)
 Demographics including information on
  School and vocational trainingx    
  Employment relationsshipx    
  Business, enterprise (industry)x    
  Business, enterprise (size)x    
  Anxiety, confidencexx   
  Days of incapacity to workx xxx
COPSOQ (additional information)x    
Self-stigma of mental illness scale short form – self-concurrencexx x 
Cognitive appraisal of stigma-related stressxx x 
Questions concerning disclosure of the disease at the workplace including     
  Questions on the decision-making phasexx x 
  Questions on the decision to disclosexx x 
  Questions on the attitude towards disclosurexx x 
  Decisional Conflict scalexx x 
Cognitive performance level x   
Preparation of the return through the hospital x   
Preparation of the return through the employer x   
Preparation of the return through the RTW expert (intervention group only) x x 
Questions on the existing help network x xx
Content of the employer support   x 
Evaluation of the employer support   x 
Evaluation of the RTW expert support (intervention group only)   x 
EuroQOL - Gesundheitsbarometerxx x 
EQ-5D x xx
Self-efficacy expectation (RTW-SE) x   
Resilience (RS-13)    x
Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-D) x   
Days at work  xxx
Days of incapacity for work  xxx
Days of partial return to work  xxx
Questions on discrimination at the workplace   x 
Coping   x 
Attending physician
 CGIxx  x
 GAFxx  x
 ICD Diagnosis and medical historyxx  x
 HoNOS x   
 Prediction on return to work x   
RTW expert (intervention group only)
 Type and scope of workplace-related support x x 
 Evaluation of workplace-related support x x 
 Prediction on return to work x   
 Quality of relationship x x 
 Return to work   x 
 Questions concerning the use of communication media   x 
 Open summary   x