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Table 1 Characteristics of study participants

From: How addicted are newly admitted undergraduate medical students to smartphones?: a cross-sectional study from Chitwan medical college, Nepal

VariablesFrequency (%)
 Male97 (38.8%)
 Female153 (61.2%)
 School of medicine87 (34.8%)
 School of Dental Surgery51 (20.4%)
 School of Nursing96 (38.4%)
 School of Allied sciences16 (6.4%)
Past Educational Institute
 Private/ Boarding School224 (89.6%)
 Government/ Public School26 (10.4%)
Place of residence
 Day-scholar65 (26%)
Reasons for using Smartphone
 Communication16 (6.4%)
 Social networking and gaming23 (9.2%)
 Studying12 (4.8%)
 Communication, social networking and gaming25 (10%)
 Social networking, gaming and study purposes59 (23.6%)
 Communication and study48 (19.2%)
 Communication, social networking, gaming and study purposes67 (26.8%)
Self-Perception of Smartphone addiction
 Yes67 (26.8%)
 Don’t Know78 (31.2%)
 No105 (42%)
Duration of Smartphone use (weekdays)
 > 5 h/weekdays42 (16.8%)
 ≤5 h/weekdays208 (83.2%)