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Table 2 Prevalence of smartphone addiction (SAS-SV) symptoms among study participants

From: How addicted are newly admitted undergraduate medical students to smartphones?: a cross-sectional study from Chitwan medical college, Nepal

SymptomsItemsn (%)
Disturbance in daily lifeI have missed planned work due to Smartphone use.108 (43.2)
I have a hard time concentrating in class, while doing my assignments
or while working due to Smartphone use.
64 (25.6)
I feel pain in the wrist or on the back of my neck due to smart phone use.98 (39.2)
WithdrawalI will not be able to stand not having a Smartphone.142 (56.8)
I feel impatient and fretful when I am don’t have my Smartphone with me.109 (43.6)
I have Smartphone on my mind even when I am not using it.73 (29.2)
I will not give up using my Smartphone even when my daily life is already greatly affected by it.36 (14.4)
Virtual relationshipI constantly check my Smartphone so as not to miss conversation between other people on twitter, Facebook, Viber, WeChat, snapchat.94 (37.6)
OveruseI feel like I am using my Smartphone more than I had intended.152 (60.8)
ToleranceThe people around me tell me that I use my Smartphone too much.107 (42.8)