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Table 4 Association between smartphone addiction and participants’ characteristics

From: How addicted are newly admitted undergraduate medical students to smartphones?: a cross-sectional study from Chitwan medical college, Nepal

Addicted nNot-addicted n
Gender  7.6900.006
Faculty  6.2780.099
 School of Medicine3948  
 School of Dental Surgery1734  
 School of Nursing2868  
 School of Allied Sciences88  
Past Educational Institute  1.2170.270
 Private/ Boarding School85139  
 Government/ Public School719  
Duration of Smartphone use / weekday  7.0030.008
 > 5 h2319  
 < =5 h69139  
Self-Perception of Smartphone addiction  47.915< 0.001
 Don’t Know3345  
Residence at present time  41.1450.420