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Table 3 Means comparisons between siblings with a healthy brother or sister and siblings with a brother or sister experiencing schizophrenia on the quality of their sibling relationships, distress, and self-esteem

From: Comparison of relationships among French adult siblings with or without schizophrenia using the ASRQ-S: mediating effect on emotional distress

 General population group (n = 187)Clinical siblings (n = 187)
Warmth3.070.942.530.78−6.04< 0.001***−0.44
W. Know3.10.872.720.82−4.48< 0.001***−0.33
W. Int2.991.042.50.87−4.99< 0.001***−0.36
W. Sup3.111.12.380.89−7.03< 0.001***−0.51
C. Ant1.70.721.880.762.480.01**0.18
C. Dom0.430.430.480.431.020.310.07
C. Qua2.120.762.320.972.250.03*0.16
Rivalry0.460.450.730.554.99< 0.001***0.44
R. Mat0.50.510.750.593.7< 0.001***0.33
R. Pat0.380.490.70.644.74< 0.001***0.33
  1. Note. Ctrl Siblings with a healthy brother or sister, SZ Siblings with a brother or sister experiencing schizophrenia, M Mean, SD Standard deviation, W. Know Knowledge, W. Int Intimacy, W. Sup Support, C. Ant Antagonism, C. Dom Dominance, C. Qua Quarreling, R. Mat Maternal rivalry, R. Pat Paternal rivalry
  2. *** p ≤ 0.001. ** p ≤ 0.01. * p ≤ 0.05