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Table 4 Mediation analyses for the five sequences of variables meeting Baron and Kenny’s (1986) criteria for the presence of mediation effects

From: Comparison of relationships among French adult siblings with or without schizophrenia using the ASRQ-S: mediating effect on emotional distress

PredictorOutcomeMediatornTotal effectMediated effectp
Sz vs. CtrlDistressAntagonism3740.250.03 (11%)0.032
Sz vs. CtrlDistressQuarrel3740.250.03 (10%)0.049
Sz vs. CtrlDistressRivalry3740.210.09 (39%)0.002
Sz vs. CtrlDistressMaternal rivalry3630.210.06 (33%)0.010
Sz vs. CtrlDistressPaternal rivalry3630.210.05 (22%)0.108
  1. Note. Ctrl Siblings with a healthy brother or sister, SZ Siblings with a brother or sister experiencing schizophrenia