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Table 2 Goodness-of-fit indices of confirmatory factor analyses

From: Psychometric properties of the perceived stress scale in a community sample of Chinese

PSS-145097.51676< 0.00167.0730.9230.8940.5580.1070.0920.0835155.516
Modified PSS-14-a4443.15675< 0.00159.2420.9330.9070.6160.0690.0740.0784503.156
Modified PSS-14-b3517.50474< 0.00147.5340.9470.9250.6970.0600.0640.0703579.504
PSS-134088.35364< 0.00163.8810.9340.9060.6330.0720.0770.0814142.353
Modified PSS-133164.75663< 0.00150.2340.9490.9260.7170.0610.0650.0723220.756
PSS-101942.35935< 0.00155.4960.9590.9360.7780.0540.0550.0761982.359
  1. df degrees of freedom, DMIN/DF ratio of chi-square value to degrees of freedom, GFI goodness-of-fit index, AGFI adjusted goodness-of-fit index, CFI comparative fit index, SRMR standardized root mean square residual, RMSEA root mean square error of approximation, AIC akaike information criterion, PSS-14 perceived stress scale with 14 items; Modified PSS-14-a: path from positive factor to item 12 was added to PSS-14; Modified PSS-14-b: two-way path between error 4 and error 5 were added to modified PSS-14-a; PSS-13: item 12 was deleted from PSS-14; Modified PSS-13: two-way path between error 4 and error 5 was added to PSS-13; PSS-10: perceived stress scale with 10 items.