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Table 2 Unadjusted healthcare expenditures by depression status

From: Association between depression and healthcare expenditures among elderly cancer patients

Healthcare ExpendituresWithout Depression (N = 582)With Depression (N = 128)
NMean $SE $NMean $SE $
Total healthcare expenditures
By service types
 Medical provider***58216,06893412825,0522609
 Hospital outpatient58280506581288006865
 Prescribed medicine582789148512810,1881242
In Users
By payers
 Other third-party payers582795040212811,7222053
Medicare healthcare expenditures
By service types
  Medical Provider**58210,83270012815,5661545
  Hospital outpatient58257665011285949673
In Users
 Prescribed medicine29958686246996591969
Out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures
By service types
  Medical provider**58219031221283028348
  Prescribed medicine5821639981281667189
In Users
 Hospital outpatient35982311280659191
  1. ***P < .001, **.001 ≤ P < .01, *.01 ≤ P < .05
  2. † Because a large number of patients did not have expenditures in these categories of expenditures, these expenditures were compared only among users (i.e., patients with non-zero expenditures)
  3. Note: SE Standard Error