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Table 1 Summary of COPe-support content

From: COPe-support - a multi-component digital intervention for family carers for people affected by psychosis: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Section titleContent
Understanding psychosisAn overview of psychosis including common symptoms and co-occurring problems, a bio-psychosocial explanatory model of possible causes, and prognosis.
Treatment of psychosisInformation on evidenced-based pharmacological, psychological, social, and alternative treatment for psychosis, with reference to the NICE guidelines.
Caring for your loved oneInformation on caregiving, communication, and problem-solving strategies for a range of common symptoms and related issues, such as: supporting your loved one with paranoid beliefs; and working out a relapse prevention plan.
Getting through servicesInformation on the health, social and wider service systems and ways to navigating through them for support for their loved ones and the carers themselves.
Ways to promote recoveryIt describes how carers can help support their loved ones to live their life to the full and gives information on a variety of support resources through the healthcare and wider social network.
Caring for carersFocusing on carers themselves, we share tips from other carers with experiential expertise and the literature in ways to look after their own wellbeing, including interactive resources (such as podcasts) promoting wellbeing.
Stigma and discriminationInformation on stigma and discrimination commonly faced by individuals with psychosis and those close to them. We give information on related law and rights and suggest ways and resources which help deal with stigma and discrimination.
Becoming a resilient carerThis section helps carers to reflect and draw together relevant information and skills gained for their caring situation and for looking after their own wellbeing. It concludes with an interactive plan where carers can tailor-make their own “caring for carer” plan integrated with a wellbeing-promotion toolkit.
Peer to peer forumA virtual forum and blog space for carers to share experiences and discuss commonly encountered issues. It has seven topics covering carer’s story and various topics such as difficult emotions and way to come to terms with them, and “taking the positive things out of the experience”.
Ask the experts forumAn interactive forum where carers can post questions to an expert panel. The forum is organized around six topics, including talking therapies and psychosocial interventions, and general and physical health issues. All other carers can also post responses and follow-up questions onto the forum.
Resources for carers (The control comprises this section)A live information bank that covers a range of relevant services and resources with direct weblinks. Categories of resources include: voluntary organisations; relevant organization providing mental health information and support; statutory health and social care services; books; online resources; health research information; and money matters advice.
Support (The control comprises this section)We provide a direct weblink in this section where carers can contact the study team for emotional or technical support. Information on alternative relevant support services, such as NHS 111 and Samaritan are provided here.