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Table 7 Psychological Vulnerability Questionnaire (PVQ)

From: Recognizing states of psychological vulnerability to suicidal behavior: a Bayesian network of artificial intelligence applied to a clinical sample

 We request to answer the following questions in relation to:
How have you been feeling in the last 7 days, including today:NeverAlmost neverSometimesFrequentlyAlmost allways  
1OQ3Nothing interests me01234  
2OQ8I think about taking my life01234  
3OQ13I am a happy person43210  
4OQ24I am happy with myself43210  
5OQ31I am satisfied with my life43210  
  How well does the following phrase describe it?Totally agree 123456Totally disagree 7
6DEQ 3In general, I feel more satisfied with my plans and goals, than trying to achieve higher goals.1234567
7DEQ 16Sometimes I feel empty inside.1234567
8DEQ 19I become scared when I feel lonely1234567
9DEQ 48I feel good about myself whether I succeed or fail1234567
10DEQ 56In my relationships with others, I worry a lot about what they can give me1234567
11DEQ62I am very satisfied with myself and with the things that I have achieved1234567
  Many people have thought about suicide, and others have never considered it. We are interested in the reasons you would have for NOT committing suicide if it ever occurred to you to do so or if someone suggested it to you. How important is each of the following statements to you as a reason NOT to commit suicide?Not important = 1Very unimportant = 2Unimportant = 3Important = 4Very important = 5Extremely important = 6 
12RFL2 SUPAFI think I can learn to adjust to problems or cope with them123456 
13RFL 5 OBMORI think that only God has the right to end a life123456 
14RFL10 SUPAFI do not want to die123456 
15RFL12 SUPAFLife is the only thing we have, and it is better than having nothing123456 
16RFL 14 SUPAFNo matter how bad I feel, I know it will not last123456 
17RFL17 SUPAFI want to live all the experience that life offers me and there are many experiences that I have not had yet.123456 
18RFL19 SUPAFI love myself enough to live123456 
19RFL20 SUPAFLife is too beautiful and valuable to finish123456 
20RFL 22 SUPAFI think I can find another solution to my problems123456 
21RFL24 SUPAFI feel love for life123456 
22RFL25 SUPAFI’m too stable to kill myself123456 
23RFL40 SUPAFI hope that things will get better and that the future will be happier123456 
24RFL45 SUPAFI see no reason to rush death123456 
25RFL 50The idea of suicide is totally incomprehensible to me123456 
 SociodemographicsDiagnosisMild depressive disorderModerate depressive disorderMajor depressive disorderBipolar disorderAdaptative disorderAnxiety disorderAnother diagnosis: a detail which one
  Indicate if you have childrenHas no childrenOne childTwo childrenThree childrenFour children5 or more children 
  Age (years)18–2828–3838–4848–5858–6868–78> 78
  Level of schooling       
   Basic educationSecondary educationTechnical educationUniversity education   
  CohabitationAloneWith friendsWith coupleWith family   
  Marital statusSingleMarriedSeparatedWidow   
  OccupationWith employmentStudentUnemployedHousewifeRetired