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Table 4 The variables significantly explaining the variance of a) MARS total questionnaire and b) the intentional non-adherence in two corresponding multiple linear regression models in adolescents (n = 99) on long-term ADHD medication

From: Impact of personality on adherence to and beliefs about ADHD medication, and perceptions of ADHD in adolescents

VariablesTotal MARS questionnaire bIntentional non-adherenceb
Antagonisma− 0.4100.203*0.047
BMQ-differential scorec0.1400.035***< 0.0010.1070.029***< 0.001
  1. Note. aThe Health-Relevant Personality Traits Five-Factor Inventory, b Medication Adherence Report Scale, cBeliefs about Medicines Questionnaire-Specific, B Regression equation, SE B Standard Error for B, * = p < 0.05, ** = p ≤ 0.01, *** = p ≤ 0.001