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Table 3 Development costs for REACT and RD

From: Clinical effectiveness of a web-based peer-supported self-management intervention for relatives of people with psychosis or bipolar (REACT): online, observer-blind, randomised controlled superiority trial

REACT Development Type of costTotal no. of hours or unitsCost per hour or unitTotal
Content generation  £5574.40
 Staff  £3699.40
  Professor of clinical psychology54 h£55.81£3013.74
  Clinical psychologist17 h£29.66£504.22
  Research assistant18 h£10.08£181.44
 Relatives  £1875
  Relative co-applicant29 h£20£580
  Relatives in focus groups and advisory role118 h£10£1180
  Relatives’ travelling23 persons£5£115
Producing videos and images  £18,422.78
 Staff  £14,326.13
  Research fellow450 h£23.76£10,692
  Research assistant157.5 h£15.83£2493
  Information officer37.5 h£30.43£1141.13
 Communications and information manager56.25 h£31.36£1764
 Actors  £2112.65
 Relatives11 persons£20/person£220
Developing and designing the website £12,499.59
 Staff  £10,901.11
  Professor of clinical psychology36 h£55.81£2009.16
  Professor of clinical psychology26 h£69.80£1814.80
  Professor of psychiatry26 h£68.00£1768.00
  Research assistant10 h£12.29£122.90
  Digital technologist/web developer225 h£23.05£5186.25
 Relatives  £1598.48
  Relatives’ focus groups56 h£20£1120.00
  Other relatives8 h£59.81£478.48
Website infrastructure during development (until going live)£28,039
  Domain name  £9
  SSL certificate fees  £30
  Web hosting and exclusive IP address  £100
  Website development  £27,900
Total  £64,535.99
REACT Delivery Type of costsTotal no. of hours or unitsCost per hour or unitTotal
 General infrastructure for hosting REACT  £5119
  Digital technology/web developer180 h£23.05£4149
  Secure web hosting and exclusive IP address6 months£100£600
  Software for bulk emails2 blocks£185£370
 Training, supervision and employment (6 months) of REACT supporters  £20,813.05
  REACT supporters756 h£15.83£11,967.48
  Back-up REACT supporter94 h£13.52£1270.88
  Expert relative REACT supporter47 h£20£940
  Supervision33 h£64.71£2135.52
  In-house training224.75 h£18.33£4119.17
  External training  £380
 Recruitment  £12,635.56
  Adverts (Facebook, Google and Bipolar UK)  £11,059.56
  Printing  £1526.00
  Flyers and postage  £50.00
Total  £38,567.61
Resource Directory Development Type of costsTotal no. of hours or unitsCost per hour or unitTotal
Development costs  £463.50
 Staff  £324.50
  Research assistant20 h£10.08£201.60
  Research assistant10 h£12.29£122.90
 Infrastructure  £139.00
  Domain name1£9.00£9.00
  SSL certificate fees1£30.00£30.00
  Web hosting and exclusive IP address1£100.00£100.00
Resource Directory Delivery costs  £205.79
REACT supporter13 h£15.83£205.79
Total  £669.29
  1. Average costs were calculated as follows:
  2. • Total development costs: 800 users (total trial participants)
  3. • General website infrastructure costs: 800 users (total trial participants)
  4. • REACT supporter costs: 400 users (participants in REACT trial arm)
  5. • Recruitment costs: 3287 users (number that initiated a registration in the REACT website)