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Table 1 Description of included diagnostic F-codes and their classification according to severity

From: Mental and somatic comorbidity of depression: a comprehensive cross-sectional analysis of 202 diagnosis groups using German nationwide ambulatory claims data

MildF32.0Mild depressive episode
F33.0Recurrent depressive disorder, current episode mild
ModerateF32.1Moderate depressive episode
F33.1Recurrent depressive disorder, current episode moderate
SevereF32.2Severe depressive episode without psychotic symptoms
F32.3Severe depressive episode with psychotic symptoms
F33.2Recurrent depressive disorder, current episode severe without psychotic symptoms
F33.3Recurrent depressive disorder, current episode severe with psychotic symptoms
Unspecified/ OtherF32.8Other depressive episodes
F32.9Depressive episode, unspecified
F33.8Other recurrent depressive disorders
F33.9Recurrent depressive disorder, unspecified
F33.4Recurrent depressive disorder, currently in remission