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Table 1 Demographic and clinical characteristics of participants (n = 15)

From: An exploration of the conditions for deploying self-management strategies: a qualitative study of experiential knowledge in depression

Gender, n
Membership Dutch Depression Association
Age, years
 Mean (SD)43,5 (15)
Ethnicity, n
 Dutch Antillean1
Educational level, n
 Secondary education3
 Secondary Vocational Education and Training1
 Higher education (research-oriented and profession-oriented)11
Treatment history typea, n
 A form of therapy in mental health care (i.e. CBT, psychodynamic psychotherapy)15
 Former use of medication5
 Current use of medication7
 Never used medication3
Number of depressive episodesa, n 
 One episode (negative case)1
 Two episodes1
 3–5 episodes7
 > 5 episodes4
 Chronic course only (≥ 2 years of symptoms)2
Chronic course in addition to depressive episodes4
Age at onset, years
 ≥ 460
Years since onset, years
  1. aIncluding overlap