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Table 1 Mean (SD) of clinical impairment, EDE-Q scores, and eating disorder behaviour for self-reported eating disorder cases (n = 54) and non-cases (n = 503) in the current study and normative data reported by Mond et al. (2004)

From: Further development of the 12-item EDE-QS: identifying a cut-off for screening purposes

 Current study Normative data
Self-reported ED cases (n=54)Self-reported ED non-cases (n=503) ED casesED non-cases
Mean (SD)Mean (SD)tMean (SD)Mean (SD)
Clinical impairment28.67(12.44)8.24(8.47)12.15**  
Global EDE-Q3.99(1.39)1.67(1.32)12.25**3.09(0.83)1.30(0.96)
Eating concerns3.40(1.54)0.97(1.22)11.26**2.02(0.95)0.49(0.74)
Weight concerns4.23(1.43)1.86(1.59)12.04**3.68(1.08)1.49(1.20)
Shape concerns4.64(1.44)2.31(1.63)11.90**4.01(0.98)2.03(1.38)
Excessive exercisinga27.8%6.4%3.43*58.3%8.2%
  1. Note. ED – eating disorders; OBE – objective binge eating (≥ 4 episodes in the last 28 days); SBE – subjective binge eating (≥ 4 episodes in the last 28 days)
  2. a ≥ 20 times in the last 28 days
  3. * p < .01
  4. ** p < .001