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Table 2 Significant cortical regions identified in group comparisons or within-group correlation analyses

From: Gray-matter structure in long-term abstinent methamphetamine users

 Peak pvertexpclusterSize (mm2)Talairach coordinatesAnnotations
Group comparisonsa
 0.000610.00011659.837.156.9−14.8R-frontalpole, R-superiorfrontal
 Thickness-ABS b0.00015(+)0.0041230.9445.2−2.7−16.4R-superiortemporal, R-insula
 Volume-ABS b0.00007(+)0.0041183.08−36.5−0.415.2L-insula
 Thickness- MA use c0.00019(−)0.00012796.165.7− 87.8−0.2R-lingual, R-pericalcarine
 Volume-MA use c0.00126(−)0.0091101.3712.4−79.7−2.8R-lingual, R-pericalcarine
  1. Whole-brain vertex-wise analyses. Vertex-wise p < 0.05, corrected for multiple comparisons using Monte Carlo Null-Z Simulation (5000 times, cluster p < 0.05). (+) or (−) showed positive or negative correlation respectively
  2. a ANCOVA with sex, age and total intracranial volume (ICV) controlled
  3. b Partial correlation with sex, age, age at onset of methamphetamine (MA) use, duration of MA use (MA use) and ICV controlled
  4. c Partial correlation with sex, age, age at onset of MA use, duration of abstinence from MA (ABS) and ICV controlled