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Table 2 Distribution of practice of stress management behaviors of undergraduate students, 2019 (n = 633)

From: Practice of stress management behaviors and associated factors among undergraduate students of Mekelle University, Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

Make an effort to spend time daily for muscle relaxation192(30.3)315(49.77)63(9.95)63(9.95)
Concentrate on pleasant thoughts at bedtime117(18.2)302(47.71)126(19.91)28(4.4)
Feel content and peace with myself212(33.5)200(31.6)174(27.49)47(7.4)
Make an effort to determine the source of each stress that occurs170(26.86)238(37.6)169(26.7)56(8.85)
Make an effort to monitor my emotional changes254(40.1)190(30)126(19.91)63(9.95)
Sleep 6–8 h. each night152(24)217(34.28)196(30.97)68(10.74)
Make schedules and set priorities269(42.5)206(32.5)140(22.1)18(2.84)
Use adequate responses to unreasonable issues206(32.54)218(34.44)148(23.38)61(9.64)