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Table 3 Lithium and Neutrophils

From: Clozapine rechallenge and initiation despite neutropenia- a practical, step-by-step guide

Physiological effects Enhances production of endogenous G-CSF, directly stimulating differentiation of stem cells and protecting neutrophils from the toxicity of some drugs, although to a far smaller extent than G-CSF.
Haematological usage Reports of use to treat idiopathic neutropenia [71]
Lithium and clozapine rechallenge Reviews by Manu (2012) [72] and Boazak (2019) [73] show high rates of success.
Adverse effects in clozapine rechallenge Isolated case reports of failure / fatality [74] and of neurotoxicity [75]
Use, dose, side effects Familiar to psychiatrists
Institutional / systemic factors Systemic difficulties not likley