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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the sample (N = 160)

From: Cues for different diagnostic patterns of interpersonal violence in a psychiatric sample: an observational study

  Mean (SD)/n (%)
Age 41.15 (12.60)
Marital statusSingle97 (60.6)
Married/cohabitant31 (19.4)
Separated/divorced32 (20)
Education levelLow education7 (4.4)
Medium education122 (76.2)
High education31 (19.4)
Occupational statusUnemployed78 (48.8)
Employed44 (27.5)
Others38 (23.7)
  1. Note: Low education refers to illiteracy and primary school certificate; medium education refers to secondary and high school certificate; high education refers to graduation and post-graduate degree. Others (Occupational status) refers to odd jobs, pensioners, students and housewives