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Table 5 Themes and ideas derived from participants’ responses for (A) what outcomes they valued from their stays at the Joondalup Mental Health Step-Up Step-Down (JMHSS) and (B) facilitators of those valued outcomes

From: Step-up, step-down mental health care service: evidence from Western Australia’s first – a mixed-method cohort study

Theme Sub-Theme Idea
A. Valued Outcomes (n = 177 response units) Change Connections and support
(n = 84 response units) Out of rut and into routine
Strength and confidence
Focus & Direction Clarify what’s important/ values…
(n = 37 response units) New coping skills and strategies
Make plans and set goals
Perspective & Insight Sort and gather thoughts
(n = 30 response units) Learned a lot of things about …
Put things into perspective
Time & Space to Recuperate Time to myself
(n = 26 response units) Distance from … and Space to…
Peace and relaxation
B. Facilitators of Valued Outcomes (n = 354 response units) Program Activities Optimal Health Program
(n = 130 response units) One-on-one time with staff
Group time
Relaxation/mindfulness techniques
Goal setting and planning
Activities and outings
Staff Attributes Supportive, helpful, caring & empathic
(n = 92 response units) Respect for choice and autonomy
Approachable, able to talk to and be heard
Interactions & Connections Opportunity to be social
(n = 69 response units) Hearing and learning from peers
Support and validation
Environment Safety
(n = 63 response units) Own space/ privacy when needed
Comfortable and relaxing