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Table 4 Estimates of the interaction effects of gender and year in the population odds of consumption

From: How did the use of psychotropic drugs change during the Great Recession in Portugal? A follow-up to the National Mental Health Survey

Any psychotropic drug
Gender * Year
Age * Year
  18–49 at baseline*20151.951.32–2.90*
  ≥ 50 at baseline*20151.130.74–1.71
Gender * Year
Age * Year
  18–49 at baseline*20151.681.05–2.68*
  ≥ 50 at baseline*20150.990.61–1.60
Gender * Year
Age * Year
  18–49 at baseline*20151.590.96–2.65
  ≥ 50 at baseline*20150.920.56–1.52
Gender * Year
Age * Year
  18–49 at baseline*20152.161.34–3.47*
  ≥ 50 at baseline*20151.250.78–2.01
  1. Year 2009 considered as reference category across all models
  2. All analysis adjusted for education
  3. *confidence interval does not contain value 1