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Table 6 Results of the confirmatory factor analysis

From: Dimensionality of the system usability scale among professionals using internet-based interventions for depression: a confirmatory factor analysis

One-factor50124.84350.9600.9490.103 (0.084–0.123)0.079
Two-factor5182.19340.9790.9720.077 (0.056–0.098)0.066
Tone-model51109.88340.9660.9550.096 (0.076–0.117)0.075
Bi-factor6044.96260.9920.9850.055 (0.026–0.081)0.042
  1. Npar number of parameters estimated in the CFA, DF degrees of freedom, CFI Comparative Fit Index, TLI Tucker Lewis Index, RMSEA Root Mean Square Error of Approximation, CI 90% confidence interval, SRMR Standardized Root Mean Square Residual