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Table 2 Factor loadings on the six factors in 701 participants

From: Symptom continuum reported by affective disorder patients through a structure-validated questionnaire

Psychomotor AccelerationI am more self-confident.76−.06−.03.08−.01−.09
My mood is higher and more optimistic.75.00−.08.04−.03−.01
I do think more quickly or more easily or both.73.06−.05−.02−.06−.06
I think faster.67.09−.
I enjoy my work more.65−.08−.04.11−.08−.09
I am less shy or inhibited.65.02−.
I plan more activities or projects.59−.04−.08.07−.07.16
I am physically more active (in sports etc.).56−.11−.
HopelessnessI feel depressed−.04.77.19−.05.28.01
I feel sad−.04.77.21−.05.31.02
I find it difficult to make up my mind−.01.68.27−.05.17.07
I feel worthless−.09.67.13−.07.24.08
I am tired.04.59−.01−.06.03.08
I complain.
Suicide TendencyI think about committing suicide−.05.22.82−.01.13.03
I am making plans to commit suicide−.04−.03.78−.03.08−.01
I think I would be better off dead−.
I think about death−.
I am making a suicide attempt−.
OveractivationI have much more energy than usual.15−.21−.10.72−.08−.04
I am much more talkative or speak faster than usual.09.07−.02.68−.12.17
I am much more interested in sex than usual.11−.08−.
I am much more social or outgoing than usual, for example, I telephone friends in the middle of the night.11−.04−.
I sleep much less than usual and find I do not really miss it.
I feel so good or so hyper that other people think I am not my normal self, or I am so hyper that I get into trouble?−.−.05.27
RetardationI speak less.00.24.09−.07.82−.02
My urge to speak is less.00.27.13−.07.80.03
The speed at which I do things is lower−.08.32.19−.06.57.02
My interest in sex is less−.03.21.14−.07.50.03
My appetite is less.
Distraction/ ImpulsionI am more easily distracted−.21.09−.
I take more risks in my daily life (in my work and/or other activities).
My thoughts jump from topic to topic.27−.
I spend more or too much money.−.03.54
I tend to drive faster or take more risks when driving.
I can be exhausting or irritating for others−.−.13.47
I am more flirtatious, or am sexually more active, or both.30−.
  1. Loadings higher than .40 are presented in bold for clarity