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Table 3 Domain-wise distribution of stress among the study population

From: Depression, anxiety, and burnout among medical students and residents of a medical school in Nepal: a cross-sectional study

Domains of stressorsMild, n (%)Moderate, n (%)High, n (%)Severe, n (%)Mean scoreGrade
ARS93 (14.3)264 (40.6)213 (32.7)81 (12.4)2.05High
IRS231 (35.5)236 (36.3)141 (21.7)43 (6.6)1.58Moderate
TLRS261 (40.1)280 (43)83 (12.8)27 (4.1)1.47Moderate
SRS262 (40.2)275 (42.2)97 (14.9)17 (2.6)1.45Moderate
DRS367 (56.4)201 (30.9)62 (9.5)21 (3.2)1.2Moderate
GARS225 (34.6)263 (40.4)133 (20.4)30 (4.6)1.45Moderate
  1. Note. ARS Academic Related Stressor, IRS Interpersonal and intrapersonal Related stressor, TLRS Teaching and Learning Related Stressor, SRS Social Related Stressor, DRS Drive and Desire Related Stressor, GARS Group Activities Related Stressor