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Table 6 Final model of a multivariable logistic regression analysis predicting depression among medical students and residents

From: Depression, anxiety, and burnout among medical students and residents of a medical school in Nepal: a cross-sectional study

PredictorβSEPOR (95% CI)
Intercept−1.6900.240< 0.0010.18 (0.114–0.291)
 Absent a
 Present1.4120.232< 0.0014.129 (2.639–6.574)
Personal burnout
 Absent a
 Present0.5340.2580.041.706 (1.026–2.831)
Work-related burnout
 Absent a
 Present0.5760.2670.031.780 (1.054–3.009)
Satisfied with academic performance
 Dissatisfied a
 Satisfied−0.6660.2240.0030.514 (0.330–0.796)
 Hosmer and Lemeshow test4.0980.85 
 Likelihood ratio test497.68< 0.001 
  1. Note.areferent for dummy coding. The coefficient (β) in the model indicates the direction (positive or negative) and the significance of the relationship to the outcome variable (depression). Null deviance: 612.43 on 479 degrees of freedom (df), Residual deviance: 514.75 on 475 df, AIC (Akaike Information Criterion): 524.75, AUC (Area Under Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve): 0.71