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Table 3 Results of the Varimax rotated matrix of the SNS items (Retest)

From: Validation of the Arabic version of the “self-evaluation of negative symptoms” scale (SNS)

Factor Item number Alogia Avolition Social withdrawal Anhedonia Diminished emotional range
People often say that I don’t talk much 11 0.829     
I don’t have as much to talk about as most people 9 0.794     
I find it 10 times harder to talk than most people do 10 0.789     
With friends and family, I want to talk about things but it doesn’t come out 12 0.562     
It’s hard to stick to doing things on an everyday regular basis 14   0.865    
I know there are things I must do (get up or wash myself for example) but I have no energy 16   0.839    
There are many things I don’t do through lack of motivation or because I don’t feel like it 15   0.826    
I find it difficult to meet the objectives I set myself 13   0.464    
I’m better off alone, because I feel uncomfortable when anyone is near me 2    0.823   
I don’t particularly try to contact and meet friends (letters, telephone, text messaging, etc.) 4    0.720   
I prefer to be alone in my corner 1    0.700   
I’m not interested in going out with friends or family 3    0.697   
When I imagine doing one thing or another, I don’t feel any particular pleasure in the idea 19     0.912  
I find it hard to take pleasure even when doing things I have chosen to do 18     0.889  
I don’t take any great pleasure in talking to people 17     0.456  
I am not interested in having sex 20     0.410  
People say I’m not sad or happy and that I’m not often angry 5      0.687
It is difficult for people to know how I feel 8      0.676
Watching a sad or happy film, reading or listening to a sad or happy story does not especially make me want to cry or laugh 7      0.421
There are many happy or sad things in life but I don’t feel concerned by them 6      0.421
Percentage of variances explained   29.26 11.19 10.83 9.36 6.96