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Table 3 Adjusted prevalence ratios (aPR) for depressive symptom severity, according to disability, ENDES 2017

From: Disability and severe depression among Peruvian older adults: analysis of the Peru Demographic and Family Health Survey, ENDES 2017

Depressive symptom severity Disability aPRa,b 95% CI p
Mildc No Ref   
Yes 1.03 0.97–1.08 0.376
Moderatec No Ref   
Yes 1.06 1.01–1.11 0.025
Moderately severe/severec No Ref   
Yes 1.10 1.05–1.15 < 0.001
  1. a Prevalence ratio was adjusted for sex, age, education, income, BMI, smoking and harmful alcohol consumption, diabetes and hypertension
  2. b PR calculated using Poisson regression with a robust error variance
  3. c Reference category = no significant depressive symptoms