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Table 4 Assignments of the variables in the multiple logistic regression of postpartum depressive symptoms among participants (N = 150)

From: Early detection of mental illness for women suffering high-risk pregnancies: an explorative study on self-perceived burden during pregnancy and early postpartum depressive symptoms among Chinese women hospitalized with threatened preterm labour

Variables Assignments
Postpartum depressive symptoms (Y1) 0 = Not depressive,1 = Depressive
Parity(X1) 0 = Nulliparous,1 = Multiparous
Age (X2) Actual measured value
Occupation (X3) 0 = Employed,1 = Unemployed
Education (X4) 1 = Senior high school or below,2 = Junior college or Bachelor degree,3 = Master or doctorate
Residence(X5) 0 = Rural area,1 = Urban
The history of scarred uterus(X6) 0 = Yes,1 = No
Number of termination(X7) Actual measured value
Assisted reproductive technologies(X8) 0 = No,1 = Yes
Length of hospital stay(X9) Actual measured value
Delivery mode 0 = Natural labour,1 = Caesarean delivery
Premature delivery(X10) 0 = No,1 = Yes
Social support
 Family support(X11) Actual measured value
 Friend support(X12) Actual measured value
 Significant other support(X13) Actual measured value
Self-perceived burden
 Physical aspects(X14) Actual measured value
 Emotional aspects(X15) Actual measured value
 Economic aspects(X16) Actual measured value
  1. Yn = The dependent variable, Xn = The independent variables