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Table 1 Non-significant differences between age, years of education and the time interval since the worst event

From: Potential trauma events and the psychological consequences for Yazidi women after ISIS captivity

Years of educationc3.55.01487.122−1.55
Time interval from the worst eventd2101801485.105−1.62
  1. Note. Mann-Whitney U test [33]
  2. awomen with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) according to the Essen trauma inventory
  3. bwomen with PTSD and depression (as per Beck’s depression inventory)
  4. cN = 190, M = 3.69, SD = 3.28, range = 0–12
  5. d Time interval from the worst event ranged from 2 to 330 days, on average the interval between the worst event and the interview was 168.20 days (SD = 87.12) ago