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Table 2 Completion and evaluation of diary protocol

From: Measuring psychopathology as it unfolds in daily life: addressing key assumptions of intensive longitudinal methods in the TRAILS TRANS-ID study

  Mean or frequency Percentage
No. of completed diaries (std.) 162.57 (17.09) 88.5%
Burden on a scale from 1 (almost no burden) to 10 (extremely burdening) (std.) 3.21 (1.42)  
Reason for missing a diary
 I did not have my phone with me or was unaware of receiving a text message. 11 9%
 Due to technical issues, I did not receive the text message or could not open the link. 9 7%
 I was already asleep. 10 8%
 I could not motivate myself to fill in in the diary. 13 11%
 I was engaged in an activity I did not want to interrupt. 64 52%
 I was in a location where it was impossible to fill in the diary. 7 6%
 Othera 6 5%
 Missing or not applicableb 2 2%
  1. Std. standard deviation
  2. aOther reasons for missing a diary, for instance, a broken smartphone
  3. bNot applicable because participant did not miss any diaries