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Table 3 Frequency of QT prolonging drugs and their therapeutic classes along with TdP risk categories among patients with prolonged QTc interval

From: Prevalence of QTc interval prolongation and its associated risk factors among psychiatric patients: a prospective observational study

Therapeutic classTdP risk aQT prolonging drugs (ATC Code)n (%) b
Antidepressants (n = 13)Known (n = 4)Escitalopram (N06AB10)4 (17.4)
Possible (2)Clomipramine (N06AA04)1 (4.3)
Venlafaxine (N06AX16)1 (4.3)
Conditional (7)Sertraline (N06AB06)3 (13)
Fluoxetine (N06CA03)2 (8.7)
Fluvoxamine (N06AB08)1 (4.3)
Paroxetine (N06AB05)1 (4.3)
Antipsychotics (5)Known (2)Haloperidol (N05AD01)1 (4.3)
Levosulpiride (N05AL07)1 (4.3)
Possible (2)Risperidone (N05AX08)1 (4.3)
Aripiprazole (N05AX12)1 (4.3)
Conditional (1)Olanzapine (N05AH03)1 (4.3)
Proton pump inhibitors (2)Conditional (2)Esomeprazole (A02BC05)2 (8.7)
Diuretics (2)Conditional (2)Hydrochlorothiazide (C03AA03)1 (4.3)
Furosemide (C03CA01)1 (4.3)
Antinausea (1)Known (1)Domperidone (A03FA03)1 (0.9)
  1. a TdP risk was based on CredibleMeds® database; b Percentage calculated in total of 23 patients