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Table 3 Hierarchical regression model of carer demographics predicting CWSv2. Note: Model 1 = forced entry; Model 2 = stepwise; R2 = .08 for Model 1; R2 = .04 for Model 2

From: Demographic predictors of wellbeing in Carers of people with psychosis: secondary analysis of trial data

 bSE bβtp
Model 1
Constant2.55.16 15.66*<.001
 Relationship Status−0.24.16−.13−1.51.14
 Employment Status0.
 Educational Attainment0.
 Duration of Caring−0.00.00−.11−1.17.24
Model 2
Constant2.88.21 13.62*<.001
 Relationship Status−0.24.16−.13−1.50.14
 Employment Status0.
 Educational Attainment0.
 Duration of Caring−0.00.00−.11−1.23.22